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February 5, 2012

As Ice Cube Said…

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…today was a good day. Turned a four mile race into my own personal 10K (first ever, mind you, and at a pace 1:45 quicker than last week’s five miler!!!), shopped smartly but aggressively and it paid off in Jason Wu splendor, got a gazillion errands accomplished, and oh yeah, THE GIANTS WON THE MOTHEREFFING SUPER BOWL!!! All is indeed right with the world tonight 🙂


February 2, 2012

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

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…than a) myself just yesterday, and b) the skinny bitch on the next treadmill over who kept glancing at my screen with the side-eye. More mileage, quicker pace, no lame-ass break for walking: I think it’s safe to say that I OWNED her. And for anyone who says that my first half isn’t really a race, that’s horseshit. LIFE is a competition. I might not lead the pack (OK, I most definitely will not lead the pack), but I’m gonna push it like Salt ‘n Pepa. There are lots of reasons for my taking on this challenge, but I really dig the idea of doing what was, not so long ago, the unthinkable, and there’s no other legit way to do the previously unthinkable than to go 100% BALLS OUT.


February 1, 2012

No (More) Rest For the Wicked

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Involuntary/unscheduled rest day yesterday, massive kick in the head today – thanks, work! Unscathed, I emerged stronger and tacked on extra mileage and speed to today’s run. WIN.

My recovery time is getting better and better – way more sweaty than winded! Full disclosure: I wear Zaggora Hot Pants under my running bottoms. They are supposed to help shrink your ass and reduce cellulite but make life while wearing them a veritable sauna (especially in this balmy February weather! Hello capri tights!!!), but I’ll take a little heat if it means a lot of butt shrinkin’!!!

January 30, 2012

Rest Day!!!

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Really enjoying my rest day with good friends and good wine. Retro movie mini-marathon of “Grease” and “Dirty Dancing” really hits the spot, and some wonderful surprise news only adds to the fun!!!

So grateful for all of the support I’ve received. Even after bumping up my fundraising goal, you fabulous folks have me at 94% of Goal 2.0 🙂 THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

Back to the training grind tomorrow, but pretty stoked that it’s not so much of a grind anymore…

January 29, 2012

Setting records, taking names

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Great 5 mile run this morning, followed up with a well-deserved drunken brunch for mom’s birthday. I looove these emails from RunKeeper that tell me how fabulous I am – never gets old!

The day feels off without football, but that’ll happen. Looking forward to a relaxing evening, and SUPER looking forward to retro movie night tomorrow with my elementary school besties! Grease is the word.

January 27, 2012


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…like the doo-dah man. Keeping up with my training schedule, but instead of tacking on some extra workout today, I did the standard 2 mile “easy” run (but pumped up the speed to maintain some sense of challenge) and then treated myself to some live music. “Bustle In Your Hedgerow” totally hit the spot, and BONUS: one Chuck Bass (a/k/a Ed Westwick) was in the house! Smokin’ hot. Unfortunately, we did not lock eyes. Had we done so, we’d be on our honeymoon as I write this. By the time I’m done with my training, I shall run into him again, and he will finally profess his love, so it’s all good 😉

Happy Friday!!!

January 25, 2012

Mission #1 Accomplished!!!

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Unlike one moronic Dubya, I can say with both accuracy and humility: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!! I am so happy to report that I have not only reached but exceeded my fundraising goal, which means it’s time to bump it up! My challenge is your challenge 😉

Seriously though, I want to thank everyone who has donated (and anyone who plans to do so). I am incredibly touched and moved by your support and can’t wait to make y’all proud!!!

January 24, 2012


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Another lovely e-mail from RunKeeper today, letting me know that I’ve set a personal record for farthest total distance in a week. I’ve been an admittedly poor record keeper, but I did the math and after tacking on some extra to each of my scheduled runs, my week total was 13.75 miles. It only gets better from here!!!

That doesn’t count cross-training, and I’m really looking forward to getting in the pool and doing some deep water training, swimming, etc. on my non-running days. I SHOULD be skating in the mornings, but when you don’t go to sleep early enough, you don’t wake up to get in the good ice time. Wah waaaaah. Hope to do turn it around before the end of February when they take down CitiPond. Anyone interested in some pre-work skating? It’d be great to have a buddy who’d kick my ass if I didn’t show up 😉

The fundraising is going great, but it’s stalled a bit of late. If you can, please consider a donation in any amount to Team Fox on my personal page. Much obliged!!!!!

January 22, 2012

Everybody Wins!!!

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Did my first 4 miler today, and accomplished it with happily relative ease. It may not sound like much, but it’s my first 5K+, so it’s a step in the right direction! Got an email from RunKeeper (great free iPhone app that tracks your activity via GPS and/or manual input) congratulating me on my longest run to date, which was a nice touch. Tried an amazing organic, low glycemic energy gel called Chocolate #9 for the first time. AMAZING!!! I highly recommend this stuff – I’d e-mailed the company with a question, and without my even requesting, they were nice enough to send some free samples. It’s made from two ingredients, high-fat/high quality cocoa and agave nectar, and it shot me through that run to where I was comfortably increasing my speed consistently over the last 2 miles. It tastes like chocolate frosting, and it’s so delicious that it seems wrong to use before/during a run, but it works so I’ll take it! A great stretch and a bit of pre-game Vitamin D therapy capped off a great day heading into the 6:30 kickoff.

Pretty sure I sweat as much from nerves during the waning minutes of the Giants’ HUGE o/t win as I did through my long run, but you know what?!?! That’s OK! An extra $20 in my pocket/Team Fox’s pocket (thx, JCM) + a sweet Super Bowl rematch = good stuff!!! GOOOOOO GIANTS!!!

January 21, 2012

Double Win!!

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So when I checked in at the gym this morning, I had a little chat with the GM about how his minions tried to kick me out early the other night bc I was the only one left and they wanted to duck out and go home early. He literally told me to quote him and tell them to go fuck themselves. That’s my kind of manager!!! I have explicit permission to flip off any gym staff that tries to mess with me. I think I might be in love…

As if my gym experience couldn’t get any better, as I headed downstairs after a great cross training workout, I ran into this super bitchy diva queen who I know from work and a gym we both used to go to. We chatted for a bit and came to the conclusion that we both need structure and accountability (and anxiety management), so helloooo new training buddy!!!

Off to a well-deserved $10 all you can drink brunch. This may quickly enter “really bad decision” territory, but screw it. Have a great day y’all!!!

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