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April 17, 2012

I’ve Created A Monster

Filed under: Good Times,It's All About Me,Sporty Spice — by Nicole @ 9:50 pm

She is a cuter Frankenstein. She is a little bit Martha Stewart, a little bit FloJo, a little bit Sara Blakely (with whom I imagine you may not be familiar. She is the entrepreneurial founder, creator and owner of Spanx, a/k/a a goddess amongst mortals).

She is me.

Things have been NUTS. I ran my second half marathon on Sunday. Being sick really knocked me off the training horse, and I definitely felt it come race day, but I finished, so yay!

I have a few black tie weddings coming up, and since my love of sparkly things knows no bounds but my budget unfortunately does, I decided to go all DIY Judith Leiber on a couple of clutches. Here are the results:



Been busy in the kitchen too (thanks Pinterest!), having just made a few batches of homemade frozen fruit pops to cap off a week full of experimental cookery. Next up: an attempt at habanero konjac mac and cheese…

Between all this and the actual important stuff in life (like the playoffs, obvs. Go Rangers! Go Red Wings!), it’s been tough to catch up on the blogging, but here I am. Nice to see you again 🙂


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