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March 18, 2012

Yeah, That Happened

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I’m still not quite sure that I believe it myself, but yeah, that happened. I ran a 13.1 mile race today. It may be amateur hour to some folks, but to me, it’s a HUGE FUCKING DEAL.

When I told someone the other day that I was getting nervous, he didn’t understand. “It’s just a run,” he said. “It’s not like you’re guesting with Phish.” Ironic, because one of my favorite sayings about Dead and Phish shows is that “if I had to explain, you wouldn’t understand,” and I think that holds true in this situation too. The reverse is true as well though: “if you don’t understand, I can’t really explain.” Not just the run, but the run along with everything I put I to it and coming from where I’ve been…HUGE FUCKING DEAL.

I get that most people won’t grasp the enormity of what I’m feeling or why it’s such a big thing, and that’s fine. It’s my deal, and it doesn’t mean to anyone what it does to me. I appreciate the outpouring of support and love I’ve seen in getting ready for this challenge – it has meant the world. But maybe the fact that I and I alone did this and feel this are a sign that I am meant to be reflecting on it tonight in solitude. So, I bid you goodnight – see y’all soon.

P.S. T-minus 28 days until Half
Marathon #2!!! 😉


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