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January 22, 2012

Everybody Wins!!!

Filed under: Sporty Spice — by Nicole @ 11:06 pm

Did my first 4 miler today, and accomplished it with happily relative ease. It may not sound like much, but it’s my first 5K+, so it’s a step in the right direction! Got an email from RunKeeper (great free iPhone app that tracks your activity via GPS and/or manual input) congratulating me on my longest run to date, which was a nice touch. Tried an amazing organic, low glycemic energy gel called Chocolate #9 for the first time. AMAZING!!! I highly recommend this stuff – I’d e-mailed the company with a question, and without my even requesting, they were nice enough to send some free samples. It’s made from two ingredients, high-fat/high quality cocoa and agave nectar, and it shot me through that run to where I was comfortably increasing my speed consistently over the last 2 miles. It tastes like chocolate frosting, and it’s so delicious that it seems wrong to use before/during a run, but it works so I’ll take it! A great stretch and a bit of pre-game Vitamin D therapy capped off a great day heading into the 6:30 kickoff.

Pretty sure I sweat as much from nerves during the waning minutes of the Giants’ HUGE o/t win as I did through my long run, but you know what?!?! That’s OK! An extra $20 in my pocket/Team Fox’s pocket (thx, JCM) + a sweet Super Bowl rematch = good stuff!!! GOOOOOO GIANTS!!!


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