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January 19, 2012

Me 1, Gym Nazis 0

Filed under: bitchin' and moanin',Sporty Spice — by Nicole @ 10:28 pm

Today’s training calendar called for 2 miles, but I wanted to push myself and do 3. Then a little thing called “work” and “being a grownup” intervened. That shit sucks. Didn’t leave the office until after 9, gym closes at 10. What’s a girl to do?

Bust ass, that’s what. Got warned by the above-mentioned gym nazis to “start wrapping it up and making my way downstairs” at 9:45. Screw you, THE GYM CLOSES AT 10. Kept running, got the stink eye and another warning. Did I stop? Hell no! Managed to squeeze in a cool two and a quarter before my third encounter with the savvy, motivated personnel at NYHRC who were clearly trying to get home early and couldn’t care less about members and their right to work out during full gym hours. You bet I shot them the death stare on the way out!

These are the days when I wished I lived closer to a well-lit path like the one off the West Side Highway. That thing rocks. What do you guys do when you find yourself in this situation? I don’t want to scrimp on my runs, but I don’t want to scrap with minimum wage gym employees either – it’s just not worth it. Running the streets is kind of a last ditch option, because traffic lights and pedestrians are just not cute. Any brilliant suggestions that are escaping me would be greatly appreciated!


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