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October 21, 2009

Abandonment issues

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If a blogger neglects to post for months but realizes the error of her ways and returns to her faithful readers, is she still a blogger? Survey says…yes! So sorry for the extended delay, but I guess I’d found it difficult to take time away from my busy schedule of doing nothing to write on this here site.

So where were we? Last we spoke, momma was playing the role of Captain Find-A-Mirror, special to the Fashion Police Emergency Services Unit. Things have not changed much. The seasons have shifted, and with them the wardrobe atrocities committed on the streets of New York and beyond are fall-focused. Whereas summer apparel issues usually take the form of scant pieces in desperate need of further coverage, fall and winter present a much graver issue. It seems, despite the lack of tundra in the Big Apple, that people remain committed to pelts and the promotion of murder. See, e.g. Exhibit A:

Where’s a gallon of red paint when you need it? It’s quite possible that this coat is as faux as baby girl’s lips, but that still promotes the image and concept of fur as fashionable. But let’s cut a ho a break for just a moment. Clearly, the girl has bigger problems:

One should never resemble Donatella Versace so closely, but when you are 23 and could be DV’s stunt double, we’re talking official rock bottom status. Dios mio, girl. Do you need any more bad karma on your head? Methinks you don’t.

In all seriousness, I just do NOT understand the draw of fur. Unless you are a huntress (or a hunter, because I ain’t sexist) and using the whole animal for foodstuffs as well as your trousseau, I simply don’t get it. The food chain is one thing…raising creatures for the sake of “luxury” accoutrements is quite another. Aren’t there viable options for keeping warm that don’t involve slaughter?

I realize that this is a controversial issue, and that is why I am opening up this dialogue. If you’re a fan of fur, what is it that attracts you? I’d honestly like to know. Comment away…

*(images courtesy of Socialite Life and Gawker, respectively)*


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  1. Donatella looks like Joker..

    Comment by wendy — October 21, 2009 @ 6:54 pm

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