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April 4, 2009

Singin’ the Facebook blues

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There have been so many comments and gripes about Facebook recently that I feel as though there’s always one around every corner. This person hates the new format, that person loves the new format and is squawking at the folks who despise it. Others hate the onslaught of “What kind of…?” quizzes that seem to have infested the site, others take them every day, all day and publish each result like some scientific study. We, as a scociety, have gotten to the point where we now have entire websites devoted to FB bitchin’. Say what you will about it being overly negative, etc.: it’s hilarious. Allow me to introduce you, via the suggestion of a friend (thanks, and here’s your very own shout out, E!), STFU Marrieds and STFU Parents. Now, if you know me, it goes without saying that I want to be both married and a parent (sooner rather than later if I have it my way), but I hereby give you official license to kick me in the head if I become as obnoxious as these people when I do take the plunge(s).

I can’t complain too much about FB though, as it has sent some of you lovely readers my way. It’s a great way to procrastinate (which could be a good or bad thing), and it really is an amazing way to catch up with people who you forgot existed. I just find it amusing when folks (myself included) get peeved when people DON’T have Facebook. Sign of the times, I suppose.

Don’t have much time to write today, as it’s time to get crackin’ on the packin’. However, I leave you with this: next post will focus on the random and/or obscure movies that you know you need to own but somehow hold a void in your collection. Put ’em in the comments, and we’ll forage through some cinematic glory together.


April 2, 2009


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Well, boys and girls, FOREVER took a lot less time than I thought, as I have found an apartment and signed a lease!!! There are so many wonderful features about this place that it is hard to figure out where to begin. Actually, it’s not so hard…the place is less than 3 blocks from work, which means “Sayonara MTA!!!” I cannot, repeat, CANNOT wait to flip that fucking system (and my heinous daily commute) the bird in just a few short weeks. Someone told me that there was a study which found a direct correlation between short commutes and overall happiness. I haven’t even moved in yet, but I can already tell you that I’m near certain that htis will be the case for me. No more unwashed masses, no more throwing elbows before I’ve had my coffee, no more seat face-offs. Serenity now.

I have to give a big shout out and thank you to Lauren Dulberg, my wonderful broker. She knows her stuff and will make sure you’ve got your shit together so that you can get into the perfect home. I highly recommend that you trust her with your realty needs :).

Now onto some shopping goodness: if you’re into Juicy Couture, do yourself a favor and print out this coupon, which is good at the Juicy factory outlets. Just one caveat: please make sure you write “Mary Horan” on the page before you turn it over to the cashier so that she gets credit for the sale(s). Thanks, and happy shopping!

Juicy Couture 30% off coupon

Sometimes there are no words

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As you well know, it is the rare occasion on which I find myself speechless. However, I had one of those moments today when I was sent this link and asked to blog about it (thanks, K!). Having gotten home from work at 12:30 am, I am running on fumes, but I couldn’t let this one go.

BottomĀ  line: I can’t get out of this neighborhood soon enough!

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