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February 26, 2009

Manners…where have they gone?

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Riddle me this: has the world become devoid of decency and common courtesy, or is it just disproportionately worse in New York by leaps and bounds? While I realize that this is not a new phenomenon, I, for one, notice more and more each day how motherfucking rude people are. Does it cost anything to hold a door? Not to my knowledge. Does doing so eat up an inordinate amount of time? From my estimation, it takes anywhere from a millisecond to a whopping 5 seconds, give or take the circumstances. Is there some rational explanation for the crowded door area/completely open middle space combo in the subway car, and corresponding refusal to move the fuck down? Truly baffling, really. So too is the open-legged seat stance preferred by so many fellow commuters, and let’s not forget our brothers and sisters who roll with strollers and/or a gazillion bags and packages strategically placed in EVERYONE’S WAY. There’s really no big finish or earth shattering point to this post; I just thought I would put it into words rather than let it continue to ping around my head until such time as my brain decides to explode. That is all.



  1. I completely agree with you and had occasion to let someone have it for rudeness on the subway that did not actually end in my swift demise. I was on a crowded train around Christmas time and a man was sitting down with two huge Macy’s bags. He had one tucked between his legs and another in front of it where people were standing. One man with a hat was holding on to the bar above the seat in front of the bags with another man behind him. The man behind him started to bitch telling the man to move his “furry hat out of [his] face.” The man turned around and told him he was sorry but he could not move forward. The man continued to bitch, repeated the comment about the “furry hat” and was generally an asshole. At hearing all this the man with the bags piled his bags on top of each other and the hat man could actually move over (and did). The rude man continued to bitch and told hat man that he HAD been able to move since he had just moved.

    Now, in my defense, I had just spent the day teaching kids about proper behavior and rudeness and was pretty pissed off at seeing an incredibly rude adult not following the common courtesy rules I was trying to teach my students. So, I let him have it, told him that the man had not been able to move because of the bags and that he was extremely rude. The man was incensed at my interference, said that he just wanted to have the man’s hat out of his face (although I don’t know why he felt he had to spoon the man) and asked me why I was butting in and told him (pretty rudely myself) that I didn’t want to put up with his bitching in my ear. He trailed off like a second grader who knows when he’s done wrong and shut up and I had my 15 seconds of triumph.

    I probably could have been hurt, people get stupid and incensed on the subway but like you, I can’t stand it when people are SO rude. The train is crowded and there’s no point in bitching about someone actually standing near you at rush hour. My argument (usually in my own mind) is that if you can’t stand people touching you on the subway then take the next train or don’t travel during rush hour. Anyway, that’s my two cents!

    Comment by Veronica — February 27, 2009 @ 6:17 am

  2. Interesting you posted this today, Nicole. I was trying to get myself and my carry-on bag through the turnstile this morning coming out of the subway in Times Square, and the little hoochie pushed and shoved me through from behind. Unbelievable. She didn’t say a word. I was walking behind her and notice she works in my building, but I was too slow and lost her before I could give her a piece of my mind. How I’d love to fix her little red wagon! And her little stupid red coat.

    Comment by Sarah Michelle Geller — February 27, 2009 @ 1:19 pm

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