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February 13, 2009


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As I continue to build this shopping/styling empire, I have run into a slight stumbling block: the name. Every fucking website domain I want is taken, and taken by bastard squatters. Well, fuck those assholes.  I’ve hit a cyber-wall and need some fresh brainstormin’, but refuse to let the squatters win. I need something snappy, relevant and incredibly fabulous. Suggestions are welcome, appreciated, and requested. Thanks in advance…looking forward to all the responses (hint, hint).

Also, since I don’t watch “Private Practice” and keep forgetting about this crossover nonsense with “Grey’s Anatomy”, I have for the past 2 weeks forgotten to DVR the PP following GA and am now left with an unsettling cliffhanger that I believe may have been resolved in the episode I didn’t see. If anyone knows whether things were wrapped up in a pretty little package in the subsequent hour, please let me know WITHOUT TELLING ME WHAT HAPPENED!!! I am just trying to determine whether I’m going to need to track down the episode or if I can hold off until next week’s GA to get the answers I need. Muchissimas gracias.


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  1. Hey there! I just watched the episodes back to back last night purely by chance, I had no clue they were crossover episodes. They are not wrapped up in a neat little package and I think they will continue next week….you can probably watch the episode you missed on the website (is it abc?).

    Comment by Veronica — February 16, 2009 @ 10:45 am

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