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November 24, 2008

Short but sweet (just like me)

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Quit snickering – I can be sweet. I’ve really been dragging ass with the blogging lately, but I’ll be back up to speed from now on. However, this post won’t have a lot of substance because it’s late, I’m tired, and I’m hauling my ass to the gym early in the morning (for the second day in a row!) so as to avoid peak douchebaggery at the pool. Wait until after work and you end up sharing a lane with 3 people, including the old lady who refuses to put her head in the water and is slowing everyone down, the kickboarder who doesn’t quite get the hang of it all just yet, and the ultimate pool tool: the incessant splasher. Memo to splasher: you are not Michael Phelps, and you never will be. Kick me again while trying to do an ill-fated flip turn, and I’ll make Jaws look like a goldfish up in that bitch.

Anyhoo, since I’m so clearly in the holiday spirit (I actually am, previous diatribe notwithstanding), I thought I’d pass along some info on sales/bargains/etc. that have come to my attention.

First up, your guide to the secular shopaholic’s Christmas/birthday rolled into one: yes folks, I’m talkin’ ’bout Black Friday. There’s a handy website out there that’s tracking sales and specials at nationwide stores, so check it before you set that agenda and throw on your steel-toed boots to kick the bejesus out of that woman who wants to wrestle you for that last 75% off TSE cashmere sweater.

Next up is coupons. Don’t be afraid to use ’em.

Online coupons

  • Alternative Apparel 40% Off coupon CEF183. Expires: 11.26.08
  • Kiehl’s: 20% off Coupon FAMILY. Expires 12.1.08.
  • Land’s End: 20% Off Coupon SHARE with pin 00008692.
  • New York & Co: 30% Off coupon 9815. Expires: 11.26.08
  • Ralph Lauren: 30% off coupon HOL2008. Expires: 12.8.08
  • Rugby: 30% off coupon HOL2008. Expires: 12.8.08
  • Stila Cosmetics: 20% off coupon and free shipping on orders of $30+ Coupon ECYX12. Expires 12.16.08

Printable/in-store coupons:

  • Kiehl’s: 20% off – go here for printable coupon (thanks, Makeup Girl!)
  • New York & Co printable 30% Off coupon. Expires: 11.26.08

I’ll be updating the site with more of these as I learn of them, so check back in. And of course, if you don’t feel like doing the shopping yourself, leave it to a pro and holla at ya girl.


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