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October 13, 2008

Bounce this!

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So some friends and I go out on Saturday night, and everything was going swimmingly. Pre-game at a super cute apartment, delicious Korean dinner and great wine, and then it’s time to rock out. We head to a party at a hotel bar, only to encounter a massive line outside. On the other side of the doors, there is a much shorter line. We ask the husky genius in the black suit with the requisite earpiece what the difference is between the lines, and he doesn’t seem to know. Not wanting to wait on a ridiculous queue with a bunch of B&Ters, we decide to meet up with some other friends at a new bar downtown. One of my girls has to use the facilities, so she just walks right through the front door of the hotel, and actually goes into the bar in question to use the potty. Upon her return, she reports that the bar is far from crowded. None of us can understand why this increasingly snaking line exists, but by then we’re way over it and jump in a car to head downtown.

Upon arriving at venue #2, we encounter a mini-line at the door and a pimptastic bouncer, complete with fedora at a jaunty angle, and his compatriot, the snotty blonde bitch with the clipboard. There’s all sorts of commotion and inquisition over the issue of reservations and crowding, and we are flabbergasted by this nonsense. Finally, our friend who is already inside works it out and we sail past the door Nazis, expecting a claustrophobic, packed-to-the-rafters, shove your way to the bar kind of space. Yeah, not so much. The place was half empty, and it took under 5 minutes for our entire party of 6 to get drinks and a table with seating for everyone.

So, my question is this: what the fuck? Is this a power trip thing? An attempt to seem “scene-y”? A curious situation where businesses are disinterested in making money? Thoughts???

P.S. Despite the entry drama, a good time was in fact had by all.



  1. um.. yeah.. so where is the 14th ? you missed a day.

    Comment by Wendy — October 15, 2008 @ 9:45 am

  2. Didn’t you ever see that episode of South Park where Cartman buys an amusement park and makes it the most popular thing in the world because he only lets enough people in to cover costs.

    Comment by Holden Compenny — October 16, 2008 @ 11:09 am

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